Stainless Steel Grinder 2.5”-4 piece

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Stainless Steel Grinder 2.5”-4 piece

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    Stainless Steel Herb Shredder. This is Evolf first model 4-piece (3 chambers) stainless steel herb grinder. It is a unique design and one of the best herb grinders on the market. It is heavy duty because all 4 pieces are made with stainless steel including the pyramid shaped sharp teeth. It’s lid is designed with neodymium magnets which makes opening the lid very effortless and help to prevent spilling. The elegant and robust hand grips of the grinder allow easy hold and twist while grinding.  It also has large grounding space. This Stainless Steel Herb Shredder comes with mesh sieve to filter every pollen which can be scooped up with the stainless-steel scraper. Enjoy the simplicity with herb, spice or tea. This model has pointy sharper teeth and the holes and mesh sizes are slightly smaller than the new updated version. The video on our home page displays this model

    Dimension: 2.5” diameter x 2.0” height

    Model: M2.5

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Brand: Evolf


    • 100% stainless steel
    • pyramid shaped teeth
    • neodymium magnetic lid
    • Robust hand grips

    Designed in: USA

    Made in: China


    • Large grounding space
    • Durable
    • Easy maintenance
    • Sharp teeth
    • No metal shavings or rust.

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    1 review for Stainless Steel Grinder 2.5”-4 piece

    1. ER

      This grinder is the best I’ve owned. “Spacecase, mendo mulcher” which are premium brands, this buries the competition. My only problem is the hole size. I would recommend the premium version for larger holes All said this is the best grinder I’ve seen or owned Spectacular quality to last a lifetime!!

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