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Evolf Grinder Sales

We will post all Evolf grinder sales on the page to ensure that our loyal customer don’t miss out. One of the cons of stainless steel grinders is the cost. So, we will offer some items on sale from time to one to alleviate the cost burden.

From the 4-piece stainless steel herb shredder to the 2-piece grinder. A stainless steel scraper is included in the four-piece herb crusher to help collect pollen from the kief catcher.

We currently have 2 versions of the 4-piece, check out this blog post to learn more.  The first version herb grinder stainless steel pyramid teeth are sharper than the updated version.

If you would like to get additional descriptions or details, our article “stainless steel vs Aluminum herb grinder” might be useful. We have also offer the individual pieces of the grinders if you only need to replace part of the shredder.

Grinders on Sale

Not all our grinders might be on sale at the same time; therefore, we recommends that you revisit our site periodically new promotions.

The first version of the 4-piece herb grinder is constantly on sale while quantities last. If the Evolf grinder sales are not posted then the stash jars or other products will be posted. All Evolf piece stainless steel grinder are lifetime grinders

Evolf Grinder Sales Plus Accessories

Grinder accessories will be occasionally on sale as well. From time to time, these herb shredder accessories are included in your Evolf grinder purchase as a promotional “Give-away”. Grinder ring gasket is one of the most often give-away. The grinder replacement screen is another popular grinder accessories.

Herb Storage Containers Sales

Our stainless steel herb storage containers come in three different sizes and we occasionally offer them on sale as well.

Similar to our crushers, Evolf stash jars are manufactured with the same high quality premium stainless steel material. They are stylish, modern, and come in variety of sizes.

Other Accessories

Don’t forget to check out  the specials on our other accessories! you don’t want to miss out !

Special Deals or Promotional Discount

Occasionally, we offer additional discount on Evolf grinder sales via special deals or promotional coupon, so stay engaged with us.

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