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Stainless Steel Herb Jar – 4.5″

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    Stainless Steel Herb Jar

    Evolf Stainless Steel Herb Jar is one of the best stash jars on the market. The design is elegant and unique. The robust hand grip allows you to twist the lid with ease to open the jar. You can store and transport your fresh herbs discreetly in this smell proof container without any strong odors escaping from it.

    This stash container is compact, lightweight, and very portable, which makes it easy to carry around and ready for any on-the-go trips. This smell and leak proof stash jar is made with high grade 303 stainless steel durable material and it is built to last a lifetime.

    Some of the features of this 100% high grade stainless steel herb jar are:

    • 100% stainless steel
    • Block out uv rays
    • Airtight seal
    • Preserves freshness
    • Smell proof
    • Leak proof
    • Non-corrosive
    • No metal shavings

    Size: 4.5in height x 2.5in Width

    Weight: 13.0 oz

    Volume: 12.24. fl oz

    Brand: Evolf

    Designed in: USA

    Made in: China








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