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Stainless Steel Herb Grinder Gasket 5pcs 2.0″

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    Stainless Steel Herb Grinder Gasket 5pcs

    This stainless steel herb grinder gasket 5pcs is a replacement gasket for Evolf 2.0in stainless steel herb grinder. There are 5 individual pieces in each pack. This is a set of 5 piece circular plastic o-ring gasket.


    The stainless steel herb grinder gasket 5pcs acts as a cushion, reducing the impact and preventing any damage to the grinder’s components. This is especially important when grinding denser herbs or when using the grinder frequently. It plays an important role in maintaining the freshness and aroma of the herbs.

    It creates an airtight seal, preventing air from entering or escaping the grinder, which can preserve the potency of the herbs and prevent any odor leakage. Additionally, this ring helps to minimize noise during the grinding process.

    It acts as a barrier between the two halves of the grinder, reducing the vibrations and ensuring a quieter operation, making it convenient for discreet grinding.

    Additional Benefits:

    Finally, this stainless steel herb grinder gasket 5pcs adds an extra layer of stability to the herb ripper grinder, keeping it securely fastened and preventing any accidental opening or separation during use. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free grinding experience.

    Product Details:

    Size: 2.0in Dia

    Brand: Evolf

    Designed in: USA

    Made in: China

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