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Grinder Replacement Ring Gasket 2.5″ 5pc Stainless Steel

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    Grinder Replacement Ring Gasket Stainless Steel – Evolf

    This stainless steel grinder replacement Ring Gasket 2.5″ 5pc is a replacement ring for Evolf 2.5in stainless steel herb grinder. There are 5 individual pieces in each pack.

    This grinder replacement ring gasket 2.5″ acts as a barrier, preventing any moisture or contaminants from entering the herb chamber, which could potentially affect the quality and flavor of the herbs being ground.

    The gasket contributes to the overall smooth operation of the grinder, reducing any friction or resistance between the grinding components. This ensures that the grinder operates efficiently and effectively, therefore, allowing for a consistent grind every time. Lastly, this grinder replacement ring gasket 2.5″ also serves as a protective layer, between the 2 metal pieces of the grinder.

    It prevents any metal-on-metal contact between the grinding teeth and the  neodymium magnet lid. The plastic ring for herb grinder plays a crucial role in reducing noise during the grinding process. By providing a cushioning effect between the two halves of the grinder, it helps to dampen the vibrations and minimize the loud grinding noises often associated with metal herb grinders.

    It also contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the metal herb grinder. it acts as a barrier between the metal components, it helps to prevent friction and wear, ensuring that the grinder remains functional and efficient over time. By the way, this same 2.5″ o-ring plastic can be used on Evolf 2 piece, 3 piece, and 4 piece.


    Size: 2.5in Dia

    Material: Plastic

    Brand: Evolf

    Designed in: USA

    Made in: China










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