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Four Piece Stainless Steel Herb Shredder

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    Four Piece Stainless Steel Herb Shredder from Evolf

    Evolf four piece stainless steel herb shredder is the first model and is a top-quality grinder with a unique design. It features a heavy-duty construction, including sharp stainless steel teeth, neodymium magnets in the lid for easy opening and spill prevention, and robust hand grips for effortless grinding.

    This four piece stainless steel herb shredder grinder also comes with a mesh sieve and stainless-steel scraper for filtering pollen. Made with durable materials, this herb ripper stainless steel grinder is perfect for herb, spice, or tea grinding.

    This model has pointy sharper teeth and the holes and mesh sizes are slightly smaller than the new updated version. The video on our home page displays this model . If you are interested in the four piece stainless steel herb shredder updated and improved version, click here. and to learn more about the difference between the version, check out this article.

    Features of 4 Piece Herb Grinder:

    • 100% stainless steel
    • pyramid shaped teeth
    • neodymium magnetic lid
    • Robust hand grips


    • Large grounding space
    • Durable
    • Easy maintenance
    • Sharp teeth
    • No metal shavings or rust.

    Dimension: 2.5” diameter x 2.0” height

    Model: M2.5

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Brand: Evolf

    Designed in: USA

    Made in: China

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    I recently had the rare pleasure of encountering customer service that goes above and beyond the norm. What can be said about Evolf’s customer service? They excel where other larger and more popular companies have failed. These people are aware of their customers and pay attention to what the customers are saying. I have received an Evolf, second generation grinder, the four piece to be exact, and already in my possession was the same grinder in what I would presume to be first generation. Evolf, has modified the grinder a bit and we will be discussing the differences between these gorgeous stainless-steel grinders. First off, the weight- V1 vs V2 406.4 g/ 14.32 oz. 403.3 g/14.23 oz. Not much of a difference, and not going to lie here if weight is an issue for you, these grinders are heavy, but oh so well worth it too. Packaging Both grinders arrived well packaged for shipping, and inside their retail packaging a white box with the Evolf logo, inside the box is perhaps my only complaint or con on this product. The protective bag, great idea it will keep the grinder from getting scratched up, however, why white? It’s going to get dirty and look bad. I would opt for black or even a natural fiber, perhaps, hemp? I keep mine out of the pouches for the very reason, I don’t want to get them dirty and dingy looking. Physically they are very much clones of one another externally, the major changes are the grinding teeth and the screen. V1 vs V2 Both grinders’ lower parts are fully interchangeable. Keeping in mind that you would want both grinder parts to match otherwise you will get nowhere really fast, however the screen and catch are fully usable by either grinder. The end product seems to be a bit finer in the v.2 V1 vs V2 I did like that the v.2 does not seem to get so easily bound up by resin buildup, like the V1 did. I am sure if you have some seriously resinous herb, it will definitely show signs of buildup however the stainless-steel construction, a toothbrush, and some alcohol of your choice, would definitely solve that problem. Overall, is there a reason to get a V2? Sure, if one grinder is never enough or if you collect them, I am very happy with either of the grinders I have. The Evolf Stainless steel grinder is perhaps one of the best investments you can make in grinder equipment. Overall, the best grinder I have, I love the heavy weight, my only comment would be the white fabric for the protective pouch, but hey mine sit at my desk and next to the couch where I sit.


    This grinder is the best I’ve owned. “Spacecase, mendo mulcher” which are premium brands, this buries the competition. My only problem is the hole size. I would recommend the premium version for larger holes All said this is the best grinder I’ve seen or owned Spectacular quality to last a lifetime!!

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