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Who needs Gaskets

Need to replace the gasket on your stainless steel grinder? No problem, Evolf got you! No doubt, you’ve heard of gaskets before. Gaskets are part of those things that we hear about so frequently, but still have no clear understanding of their functionality. These things are everywhere, and chances are you have come across one without even knowing it. Gaskets are used across several industries, including household appliances, aerospace, industrial, engineering, manufacturing, plumbing, construction, automotive, and many more. So many equipment and devices highly depend on gaskets to function properly. So, with that said, what are gaskets?

What are Gaskets

According to, “a gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression”. Typically, they are circular shaped and flat or round with some thickness. Preventing leakage isn’t the only function of a gasket. A gasket reduces friction between metal pieces. That is what it does for our stainless steel herb grinder. What type of gasket is good for Evolf stainless steel grinders?

Types of Gaskets

O-rings as they are sometimes referred to can be made from different types of materials. Typically produced from a flat material, gaskets can be made from a variety of materials such as metals, rubber, paper, plastic, etc. All Evolf herb grinders come with a plastic gasket. What are the benefits of the plastic gaskets?

Benefits of Plastic Gaskets

As discussed earlier, the gasket between our metal herb grinder reduces friction which essentially makes the grinder safer to use and prevents it from wearing out too soon. Gaskets help to prolong the shelf life of these high-quality grinders. Below are some of the additional benefits we use plastic gasket on all Evolf grinders:

·   They can help to reduce noise and sound between the metal

·   They can help to improve the grinder performance and functionality

·   They are non-corrosive

·   They do not react with any chemicals

·   They are easy to install

·   They provide tight seal

·   They have excellent wear resistance

·   They are lightweight

Evolf Gasket for Stainless Steel Grinder

No, we do not have a patent or special design for these gaskets like some of our competitors claim to have. However, our gaskets are manufactured with high quality and durable plastic material. All Evolf stainless steel grinders except for the first version of the four piece 2.5” stainless steel grinder has extra plastic gasket included in the package. If you can’t enjoy your herb without your grinder and use it constantly and need surplus supplies of gaskets, don’t sweat it, we got you covered. We have them available in 5-pieces and 10-pieces packs in both 2.0in and 2.5in sizes.

Shop with Evolf Online

Shop for plastic gaskets for stainless steel grinders with Evolf. Use your herb grinder safely and prolong the grinder’s shelf life with superior quality and durable gaskets. Click here to start shopping for  Evolf gaskets and other accessories. Evolve with us, love life.

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