Question 1: stainless steel grinder herb, are Evolf grinders really stainless 100% steel?

Answer 1: Yes, all Evolf herb grinders are made with 100% stainless steel, 303 grade stainless steel

Question 2: is this machined from a single block of steel? Or are the teeth attached separately?

Answer 2: It is made from single block of steel and it is certified 100% stainless steel high grad material.

Question 3: Are the grinders CNC’d or forged or cast?

Answer 3: All Evolf grinders are CNC manufactured

Question 4: Where are the grinders manufactured?

Question 4: The grinders are designed in USA but manufactured in China

Question 5: What is the warranty?

Answer 5: 30 days full refund or replacement and 60 days if due to manufacturer defect

Question 6: Why are there 2 different prices for the 2.5in 4 piece?

Answer 6: The more expensive listing is the updated version of the original design. We redesigned the teeth edges, made the holes bigger and screen mesh size is also bigger