1 Simple Guide to CBD Vaping: Which Herb Grinder Is Ideal?

CBD Vaping

Are you in search of a good-quality herb grinder to grind your cannabis buds into a more manageable form for CBD vaping? If you’re someone who just doesn’t enjoy the mushy, rough texture of market cannabis, you’ll need one good CBD grinder to grind your hemp finely and just according to your preferences. The market has tons of options, each with its own plus points and, of course, downsides. Let’s find your ideal pick

CBD Vaping Vs. Smoking – What’s The Difference?

If you also think that vaping and smoking are just two ways of getting herb into your system, you’re missing something here. Both these styles have their own distinctions, and we’re here to let you know the difference. Smoking has been in the game for way too long, and it involves burning tobacco whose smoke one inhales. Smoking can leave a strong smell, and so many people are shifting towards vaping for this reason.

Now, what is CBD vaping? Vapes, which are quite new to the market, are devices that heat a liquid and turn it into vapor instead of burning it. You then inhale these vapors, which come in different cool flavors for you to try. And one of the best types of vaping is CBD vaping; don’t worry, we’ll tell you why.

Why Are People Choosing CBD Vaping Over Smoking?

Wouldn’t we all love to enjoy vaping if it also provided some health benefits? You need to try CBD vaping if you like the idea. Instead of nicotine, CBD vaping uses CBD, which, instead of getting you high, helps you relax. So when you vape CBD, you’re not only getting the drill but also relieving your stress and anxiety. Most people these days need a moment of peace without high, and CBD vaping is giving them that, which is why people are changing their preferences.

Choices Of Herb Grinders

If you’ve chosen to quit smoking and shift to vaping, you’ll need a herb grinder to get the perfect vape experience. You have various choices, but let’s help you find the best one out there.

  1. 2-piece Grinders

If you’re a total beginner in CBD, try 2-piece stainless steel grinders because these are the most basic tier of grinders, yet they play a perfect role in enhancing your hemp experience. It has a top compartment and a bottom compartment, along with sharp teeth for grinding.

Try the Evolf 2 Piece Stainless Steel 2.5″ grinder made with neodymium magnets and enjoy effortless grinding without worrying about spilling. They’re portable and user-friendly, so first-time users should definitely go with them.


  • Straightforward
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Beginner friendly


  • Lack of a separate collecting chamber for kief
  • Not ideal for vaping
  1. 3-piece Grinders

A 3-piece grinder is one step ahead of 2-piece grinders and is typically used to break down weed into smaller parts for smoking and vaping. Just as the name suggests, it has 3 parts:

  • A top lid with teeth or pegs on the inside
  • A middle chamber with holes or slots
  • A bottom chamber for collection

If you’re looking for a nice 3 piece stainless steel herb grinder, here are some of the pros and cons.


  • Separate collecting chamber
  • Great for large groups to enjoy
  • More consistent grind
  • Less messy


  • No kief collector
  • Not ideal for vaping
  1. 4-piece Grinders

If you ask us which one of the four types of grinders is the best for CBD vaping, we have to match the 4-piece grinders because no grinder category comes even close to them. A 4 piece grinder is what you need if you want your hemp to be grounded to perfection. It typically consists of four components: the lid, grinding chamber, collection chamber, and bottom chamber.

The bottom chamber is called a kief catcher, which is used to catch the finest particles or pollens called kief or, also known as trichomes. This kief can then be collected and used separately as a more severe and potent form of cannabis for that extra boost.

Some people also like kief because it has a consistency that blends easily with over ingredients. A heavy-duty 4-piece stainless steel grinder from Evolf is all you need to enjoy your herbs to the fullest. Try it once, and you’ll blame yourself for not finding it sooner.


  • Efficient grinding
  • Perfect for vaping
  • Separate pollen compartment


  • Costly
  • Heavy
  • Kief screen may get clogged
  1. 5-Piece Grinders

Not two, not three, not four, but five pieces; this is a 5 piece herb grinder, the most advanced form of stainless steel grinders and an extension of 4 piece grinders. It has 2 screens and 3 herb chambers, and all these parts ensure that only the finest mesh goes through. If you want a posh grinder that produces even more potent kief, this grinder is also great for your CBD vaping pleasure. Otherwise, a 4-piece grinder is an expert at its job. The 5 parts of this grinder are:

  • A lid with teeth or pegs
  • A grinding chamber where the actual breakdown happens
  • A collection chamber to collect ground material
  • A kief catcher to collect pollen
  • An additional chamber that provides extra space


  • Advanced product
  • Consistent and fine material
  • Additional storage


  • Costly
  • Difficult cleaning
  • Heaviest of all

Take Home Message        

If you’re into CBD vaping, having a good CBD grinder is a given because vaping works best when the material is finely grounded. It allows maximum extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes during vaporization, which means you can maximize the benefits of CBD without wasting any material.

Moreover, inconsistent grind sizes can lead to uneven vaporization, affecting your vapor’s taste and overall quality and thus ruining your mood. If this is not something you would like, invest in a good herb grinder, and this one-time investment will make your CBD vaping experience ten times better, guaranteed.

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