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Best Stainless Steel Herb Grinder

Evolf grinder is one of the best stainless steel herb grinders. We specialized in stainless steel grinders. The grinder design is unique on the market. All evolf grinders are heavy duty because they are made with 100% high grade 303 stainless steel material. The lids are designed with neodymium magnets which makes opening the lid very effortless and help to prevent spilling. The elegant and robust hand grips on the lid and on the bottom of the grinder allow easy hold and twist while grinding. The pyramid shaped sharp teeth crush herb easily and uniformly. The 4-piece and 3-piece design is the best stainless steel herb grinder and the most popular with our customers. The 4-piece comes with mesh sieve to filter pollen and a stainless steel scraper. The grinders are CNC manufactured

Various Options

There are currently 2 sizes: 2.5in and 2.0in. Both sizes have 2-piece, 3-piece and 4-piece options.

Why Stainless Steel?

High grade stainless steel grinders are heavy duty and more durable. Unlike the aluminum or zinc alloy grinders, stainless steel grinders are highly resistant to corrosion and have very low maintenance. Additionally, aluminum and zinc alloy products are known for having potential metal shavings into herbs, no metal shavings concerns with stainless steel.

Why buy from Evolf?

We strive to provide premium and luxury products to our customers at affordable prices while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. All evolf’s employees must adhere to our core values.


We design all our products with our customers’ needs in mind and aim to provide excellent customer service to all our customers.


We listen to our customers voices and welcome all feedbacks which allows us for continuous improvement


We want our product to have positive impacts in people’s lives


We stand by our words and products

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