Best Herb Jar: 5 Helpful Tips to Help Make the right Choice

Stainless Steel Herb Jars| Best Herb Jar

When looking for the best herb jar, the available options for the jar can be overwhelming. Herb jars can be made from materials such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, etc.

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Unsure which one is best for your dried flowers and herb? In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of the material used for Evolf herb jars and the available size options for our herb jars.

Material for the Best Herb Jar

Evolf herb jars are made with stainless steel. You may be wondering why we use stainless steel for our herb jars. This is because stainless steel has several benefits and advantages over other materials.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Material

  • Eco Friendly and durable Material
    • Stainless steel is a sustainable material, unlike plastics and other non-metal jars, therefore, great for the environment. Our herb jars are reusable and very easy to wash and use again and again. 
    • Some of the most popular herb jars are mason jars, which are made of glass. Glass is a fragile material and can break easily.
    • Our herb jars are manufactured with heavy-duty, durable, and high-quality 303 stainless steel and are built to last a lifetime.
    • Stainless steel is non-corrosive material.
    • You don’t have to worry about metal shavings into your herbs and spices
  • Black-out UV Rays
    • You may wonder if stainless steel is the best storage option for your dried flower or dried herb, and the answer is yes. Stainless steel herb jars will not only help keep your dried herb from fading but also keep them from losing their freshness. Bright light and direct UV ray exposure can be harsh and harmful to your well-preserved aromatic flowers. Our stainless steel herb jars will help to keep your herbs protected from direct UV exposure.
  • Airtight Seal and Smell Proof
    • One of the best design features of these stainless steel herb jars is the airtight seal; nothing goes in or out of the storage container. The lid screws into the top of the jar without any seal gasket. This airtight seal design locks in all scents and smells of your flavorful herb and helps maintain the humidity.

We Have Various Size Options Available

Another great reason why these premium stash jars are the best herb jars is because they are available in different sizes. If you are looking for a travel-size jar to keep your herb fresh for a few days, we got you! Need a medium size container for a few weeks of storage while maintaining your flower freshness? We got you! What about a larger size jar for a longer storage timeframe? We got you! Evolf has three different size options available:

Size Options for Evolf Best Herb Jars:

  • The Mini: this stash jar is our smallest size and convenient for you to grab and toss into your bag for any on-the-go trips. It is also among our top sellers and one of best Herb Jars
    • Dimensions: 2.5in height x 1.75in diameter 
    • Weight: 5.0 oz
    • Volume: 3.33 fl oz
  • The Grande: this stainless steel herb jar is perfect for storing your fresh and preserved herb from a few days to weeks depending on your usage.
    • Dimensions: 3.75in height x 2.0in diameter 
    • Weight: 10 oz
    • Volume: 6.53 fl oz
  • The XL: this is one of best herb jars can store a few weeks worth of herb in it. But most importantly, similar to the Mini, and the Grande, the XL keeps the herb fresh and all the aromatic flavor is preserved inside the container.
    • Dimensions: 4.5in height x 2.5in diameter 
    • Weight: 13 oz
    • Volume: 12.24 fl oz

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