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Best Herb Grinder: Stainless Steel Grinder

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Pyramid Sharp Teeth Grinder – Ergonomic Lid Design

Evolf is your trusted source of luxury herb grinders and jars at affordable price. The most popular crushers on the market are either made with zinc alloy or are plastic grinders.

They are typically cheaper in comparison to stainless steel. Our luxury herb grinders and stash jars are made with durable premium 100% stainless steel material.

The quality of these luxury herb grinders and stash containers is exceptional. We manufactured each stainless steel grinder and jar with our customers comfort and satisfaction in mind. Evolf luxury herb grinders and jars are easy to use and feature a convenient and ergonomic design. It’s easy to grip and use which makes it perfect for people of all ages.

Most shredders has diamond shaped teeth but Evolf herb rippers feature pyramid shaped teeth designed to crush even the toughest dry herb with ease. The pyramid sharp teeth are more pointy and sharper on the original 4 piece 2.0″ and 2.5″ models. Both models have large surface area to grind your herb, storage compartment, and come with kief catcher and a pollen scraper is also included.

Stainless steel material is built to last. These luxury herb grinders can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and it resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion.

These grinders come with a black plastic gasket which can help create a tight seal and  prevents wear and tear and thus, helps the grinder last longer.

It is easy to clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and it’s good as new. These heavy duty superior luxury herb grinders are even better than those made with titanium in style and durability.

Not only, our shredders and storage containers are built to last a lifetime, they also have a sleek and modern design look which could be placed as a decoration piece.

Our design is the best luxury  herb grinder and stash jar on the market. Get your rolling papers ready and enjoy your freshly flavorful ground herb . We offer FREE SHIPPING within the US continent, visit our Shipping Policy page for additional shipping details.

Not sure if our luxury herb grinders are the right choice for you, check out our posts on cannabis grinder, luxury weed grinder, best weed grinders, CDB and hemp crushers. if you are also interested in learning the pros cons of stainless steel material, then visit this article. Evolve with us – Love Life!

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